Helpful Reference Guides

Use the quick reference guides below to check whether or not a food/beverage is alkaline-forming or acid-forming.

At-a-Glance Guide

Refer to this handy reference chart for a quick check of the most commonly used alkaline and acid foods.  The chart is arranged, left to right, in order of the most Highly Alkaline to the most Highly Acidic foods.  (NOTE:  The “vinegar” listed in the “Highly Acidic” column refers to commercial, pasteurized, filtered vinegar–NOT the highly alkaline-forming raw apple cider vinegar.)

At a Glance Acid Alkaline Food List


Alkaline Foods – Detailed List

The guide below is useful when you need to see a more complete list of foods that have an alkalizing effect on your body.

Detailed alkaline foods list


Acid Foods – Detailed List

To help you make better food choices, the chart below gives you a more complete list of acidifying foods.  Refer to the article Give Yourself a Boost with Alkaline Foods That Heal  for a list of recommended acid foods to eat in limited quantities.

Detailed acid foods list