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Danger sign: chronic inflammation

16 Foods to Reduce Inflammation: Body Defenders

When chronic inflammation appears, watch out: your health might be heading toward a steep cliff. Chronic inflammation sets in when the body is continually faced with an “injury,” and there is no interval for healing and repair to take place. Diet-induced inflammation, caused by overwhelming the body with too many toxic, acid-forming foods, has become

How to stop craving sweets

How to Stop Craving Sweets and Crush Your Sugar Addiction

Let’s face it:  sometimes the urge for something sweet becomes…uncontrollable.  In spite of knowing that your enjoyment will be temporary and that you’ll regret it later, you just can’t help yourself:  you’re addicted to sugar. It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the obvious, though. New research continues to point to a sugar-laden diet as

Acid reflux burning

I’m Burned-Out!! Which Foods Help Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux is no fun—especially when it starts happening on a daily basis. While nearly everyone experiences the symptoms of heartburn occasionally, some people have to deal with it after almost every meal. When acid reflux becomes chronic, it is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or peptic ulcer disease. An estimated twenty percent of Americans

Farmer 1914 Texas crop

What About Organic Food? Is It Really Healthier?

If you could step inside a time machine and travel back to the beginning of the 20th century, you would find a vastly different America. At the turn of the century, the majority of Americans were farmers who grew crops and raised livestock without using toxic chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetic modification. Back then,