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Anti-inflammatory fruit pizza

Need a Healthy Dessert? Try A Diet-Friendly Fruit Pizza

For the past several months, my daughter has been following a strict no-sugar, no-grains, and no-dairy diet. She’s had great results with this diet, experiencing the benefits of lowered inflammation and weight loss. So, when her birthday rolled around this month, I wanted to surprise her with a dessert that she could feel good about

Danger sign: chronic inflammation

16 Foods to Reduce Inflammation: Body Defenders

When chronic inflammation appears, watch out: your health might be heading toward a steep cliff. Chronic inflammation sets in when the body is continually faced with an “injury,” and there is no interval for healing and repair to take place. Diet-induced inflammation, caused by overwhelming the body with too many toxic, acid-forming foods, has become

weight loss

Cruciferous Vegetables List for Faster Weight Loss

Cruciferous vegetables have received quite a bit of media attention in recent years for their exceptional health benefits. Not only have they been associated with promoting weight loss, they have also been shown to ward off cancer, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, support estrogen balance, and improve heart health. If you’re looking for healthy foods

Alarm clock

Wake Up and Eat! Alkaline Diet Breakfast Ideas

When starting to eat an alkaline diet, one of the first—and biggest—hurdles faced by most people is the seeming lack of alkaline breakfast foods. Looking through the list of alkaline-forming foods for breakfast choices can leave you scratching your head and wondering what to eat. Alkaline diet foods don’t include coffee, orange juice, breads, jam,