Year: 2018

Farmer 1914 Texas crop

What About Organic Food? Is It Really Healthier?

If you could step inside a time machine and travel back to the beginning of the 20th century, you would find a vastly different America. At the turn of the century, the majority of Americans were farmers who grew crops and raised livestock without using toxic chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetic modification. Back then,

weight loss

Cruciferous Vegetables List for Faster Weight Loss

Cruciferous vegetables have received quite a bit of media attention in recent years for their exceptional health benefits. Not only have they been associated with promoting weight loss, they have also been shown to ward off cancer, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, support estrogen balance, and improve heart health. If you’re looking for healthy foods

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Wake Up and Eat! Alkaline Diet Breakfast Ideas

When starting to eat an alkaline diet, one of the first—and biggest—hurdles faced by most people is the seeming lack of alkaline breakfast foods. Looking through the list of alkaline-forming foods for breakfast choices can leave you scratching your head and wondering what to eat. Alkaline diet foods don’t include coffee, orange juice, breads, jam,

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How to “Go Alkaline” and Start Eating Healthy: Beginners’ Baby Steps

Reading an article about eating a healthy, alkaline diet is one thing; actually making the switch to eating alkaline is another matter entirely.  Many people who resolve to correct their body’s pH through an alkaline diet start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or deprived when they begin. But is it really all that difficult to start eating