Month: February 2018

Start eating healthy

How to “Go Alkaline” and Start Eating Healthy: Beginners’ Baby Steps

Reading an article about eating a healthy, alkaline diet is one thing; actually making the switch to eating alkaline is another matter entirely.  Many people who resolve to correct their body’s pH through an alkaline diet start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or deprived when they begin. But is it really all that difficult to start eating

Foods that cause inflammation

Foods that Cause Inflammation: Body “Troublemakers”

If you’re still eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) then there’s a good chance you are consuming foods that cause inflammation: body “troublemakers” of the worst kind. Diet-induced inflammation can become lasting, chronic, and very harmful to your body.  In fact, chronic inflammation is a major contributing factor to diseases and aging. Proponents of an

Vinegar for good health

ACV and pH Balance: Should You Try Vinegar for Good Health?

There’s no shortage of information about the use of apple cider vinegar for good health; in fact, so much has been written about this subject it’s downright overwhelming.  The general consensus is, however, that adding a little apple cider vinegar (ACV) to your diet may be worth considering for several reasons.  What is probably the

Green smoothie

Give Yourself a Boost with Alkaline Foods That Heal

The ultimate goal of “going alkaline” is to restore a normal, healthful pH balance to your body, so that its detoxification systems are not overburdened with harmful acid waste.  Professional athletes and weight lifters understand this principle, because in order to build a fit body, you have to give it the proper fuel and maintenance.